The “Database of Hellenistic Athletes” is a research tool to facilitate prosopographical studies in Greek athletics. It contains all known participants of hippic and gymnic competitions in the period from 336 to 30 BC.

The database had its origin in a research project “The Self-Representation of Hellenistic Athletes – Social, Political and Ethnic Identities”, funded by the German Research Council (DFG) and conducted at the University of Mannheim (Sebastian Scharff, Sofie Remijsen, Christian Mann). After a systematic collection of the evidence, more than 2.000 athletes in this period were integrated in this database, which offers a variety of combinable search functions (athlete’s name, hometown, region, discipline and age class, location of agon etc.). We are very grateful to the Computing Center of the University of Mannheim for transforming the database into an online accessible version. The database project was discussed at a conference about Classics and Digital Humanities (Freiburg 2015) – our thanks go to Stylianos Chronopoulos (Freiburg) and Leif Isaksen (Lancaster) for their valuable advice. We also thank Max-Quentin Bischoff, Kevin Ehmann and Senem Erhun for their help in collecting and arranging the data.

If you notice gaps or mistakes in the presented data, please do not hesitate to contact or